VEGAN POWER  Advanced Beginner - Strength program Volume 1

Grit and determination will only take you so far.

You also need to train smart - especially if you've been training for a while and hit that "wall".

As a British powerlifting coach and personal trainer, I've seen some of the most dedicated lifters make little to no progress, and even quit, despite giving 110% in the gym and with their nutrition.

They had the grit and the determination - no doubt about that and they tried everything they could to break through their plateau.

They copied workouts from social networks. Watched other lifters. Took advice from every "expert" in their gym. They lifted heavier. They lifted more often. They sacrificed time with friends and family.

The sad thing is, if they had made some small changes to their training, they would have found the success they craved.

So what is the secret to continuous progress?

To make any real progress you need to follow a progressive training program that is adaptable to your strength levels.

Progressive training is a simple concept - yet so many powerlifters simply jump from one hot workout routine to another, when you follow a progressive training program the benefits are huge.

I should know, I've personally trained this way for a couple of years now and the change in my strength and overall appearance was exceptional

It's not just me though. I've personally created programs for countless powerlifters and those who stuck to their program saw similar results.

"My tailored Vegan nutrition and strength programs from Rebel Rebel Fitness have seen
my results continue to hit and exceed any of my wildest expectations. I owe my success in powerliting to Rebel Rebel and the dedication they've encouraged me to put into my training." - Soypreme, 31

With Soypreme we discovered there were no vegan based nutrition guides with the training programmes, so even with the grit, the determination and the planning, the correct nutrition plan to reach your goals wasnt available.

This is why I've teamed up with @Soypreme, a Twitter vegan influencer, and competitive powerlifter, to bring you Vegan Power - a ten-week progressive training plan to help you reach your strength goals quickly and safely.

Here's what you can expect when you go through the Vegan Power 10-week program:

  • Vegan Power guides you through each workout and gives you specific set and rep schemes too.

  • The secret to destroying your current personal best - accessory exercises have been built into the program to ensure a balanced body and maximum strength development.

  • Vegan Power is adaptable for all strength levels because it uses percentages and RPE (rate of perceived exertion) to work out how much you should be lifting. So no matter what your current strength levels are, this program will work for you.

  • Training is progressive and adapted to your ability so you can train safely and constantly improve - you can't progress if you can't train.

  • And most importantly progressive training can only take you so far, that's why we've also included vegan nutritional advice to help you create a food plan based on your own macros.

  • Have questions? Get them answered by our coaches in our exclusive Vegan Power Facebook Group.

    The bottom line is, by the end of this program you'll not only be stronger, but you'll also look great.

    The best thing is because the program is based on percentages and RPE, you can continue to use this program for years to come by simply changing the intensity of your workouts - you can easily use this program for a couple of years.

    "In my first cycle of competiton prep with my Rebel Rebel strength program I improved my deadlift by 30%, squat by 20% and bench press by 8%, I couldnt be happier with my results" Leigh Anne 35

    So If you're ready to take your strength to the next level get started today with Vegan Power- *Available instantly as a digital download*

    To get this programming one-on-one from anyone else it would cost you £100s for just ten weeks of programming and advice.


    As I mentioned before, I want to help as many lifters as possible reach their goals, that's why the entire 10-week program will only cost you only £50.

    That works out at only £5 per week. That's if you only use the program for 10 weeks - remember that you can use this program to make epic improvements in your strength and physic for years.

    Click the order button below and start your 10-week transformation today.


VEGAN POWER Advanced Beginner - Strength program Volume 1

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  • Need help working out your percentages, what to lift or how to lift it?

    Want a coach to check in on you, full support and encouragement.
    Video inspection of your lifts and correction.

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