Rebel Rebel Fitness website comes to life

November 22, 2017

After many months of hard work. Rebel Rebel fitness companies website has finally showed its first day. The grammar still needs correcting and the products need finishing BUT it's slowly getting there!

I have lots of things to add to the website and the blog. I visit a lot of gyms/boxes, train with lots of different people, eat lots of interesting food and listen to a lot of music. All the things i like to read about in blogs.


I thought i would quickly let you know why REBEL REBEL. Why did i chose this name:

Well I like rebellion. I like renegades. I like the under dog. I wanted a name that was a bit more interesting and cool than let's say - AB training (Adrian Bradbury)

I'm a big star wars fan. Let's say i always wanted to be in the Rebel alliance in Star Wars and still do. I'm looking forward to the 8th instalment in December. Ive got my ticket to see it in the IMAX.

There is a famous song by David Bowie - "REBEL REBEL" . Not my favourite Bowie song but one of them. It's a great song title. So good he named it twice.


If you Rebel just a little bit outside of normal, refuse to workout the same as everybody else. Think outside of the box and want to be the fittest and healthiest you have ever been drop me a line.

Or even if you don't feel like the above and want to be trained by a

rebel get in touch.






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