SHOULDERS - Don't ignore your mobility to unlock your potential to progress.

December 3, 2017



Stiff shoulders? Limited Range of shoulder motion?


If you have ever had a sports/fitness related injury you will know there is more to fitness than just starting your workout.




Our shoulders are an important factor of our body with ten different types of shoulder articulations. Shoulder health is essential for a happy active enriched life.


Take it from a guy who has just had 6 months of physio on his scapula due to a rear ended car crash.


Many of us work in jobs where our shoulders are in broken position throughout sitting at a desk or maybe driving a vehicle.

You get to the gym and try to put some weight above your chest and shoulders.

Your shoulders ache and you perform one pathetic stretch for a few seconds that doesn’t seem to work.




If not properly addressed, reduced shoulder flexion range of motion and poor shoulder blade/shoulder joint coordination are common problems that can set you up for further shoulder joint issues. Don't worry, limited range of motion is not something you are forever stuck with


Shoulder flexion is important in nearly every form of upper body training

- bench press

- pull up

- seated row

- overhead shoulder press.




Tension of the scapula, lats and traps is very normal due to our jobs and training. Increasing your range of motion will help you progress your training greatly. From a better upper body position during a back squat, to a smoother overhead jerk, strict pullups or maybe unlocking the bar muscle up.


30 mins – 1hr per week of mobility training will dramatically improve you flexibity.


Shoulders dislocate:  (your not dislocating your shoulders its just the name of the movement)

  • A great warm up before a shoulder workout 20 times round at a mid pace.

  • You can use a band, rope or a pvc pipe


Cross - Body Arm Stretch:

  • Sit or stand with good posture. Bring your right arm across your chest. With your left arm, hook the right arm from underneath, forming a cross with your arms.

  • Push the right upper arm closer to your chest to deepen the stretch.

  • Repeat on the other side.


Reaching Upper Back Stretch:


  • Stand with your arms out in front and your hands crossed over. Then slowly push your hands forward as far as possible and let your head fall forward.

  • Hold this position for between 20 to 30 seconds while concentrating on breathing deeply and slowly. Carefully move out of the stretch position and then repeat 2 to 3 times.



Child's pose with reached out hands:

  • Take you bottom back to sit onto your heels. Walk the hands forward without raising your hips and look back through your legs.

  • Walk you fingers forward to deeper shoulder stretch

  • Hold this position for 20-30 seconds

Runners Pose with reach back via resistance band: 

  • Step into a spilt squat or lunge

  • Hips parallel to the front

  • Knees at 90 degrees

  • Fix resistance band to machine or a rig.

  • Reach a hold (don't over stretch)

  • 30 seconds hold, rest and repeat.



If you don't think it's cool to do it at your gym, class or box then do it at home. 




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