MINDSET - What you need to think about while reaching for your goals next year.

December 7, 2017

Have you got your goals in mind yet?

Thought of your LONG term goals & SHORT/MINI term goals yet?

Physically write them down! With pen and paper or even the notes app on your phone.




Visualise yourself completing these goals no matter how small.

If your'e trying to transform your body use a visualization of your start point. A photo you HATE!!

Keep that on your fridge or maybe your bedroom mirror or wall paper on your smart phone.

Something that will make a visualise impact to you every time you see it.

Every month, take another picture, use an phone app to make a side by side. Keep visualising your end goal.

Small steps will smash mini goals on your path to long term goals





Another powerful component of a fitness mindset is having support.

Find a workout partner or ask someone at your gym if you can join in with their workout.

Ask a supportive family member or friend to keep you company. You can also hire a personal trainer and/or a nutritionist to be your team for motivation.


Make a regular time to meet, that works for you both. Your find yourself not wanting to let that person down and left to train on their own. As you wouldn’t like that either.


Maybe join a class (spin or body combat) or a community gym/box (ie crossfit) You will be with a group all after the similar goals, you never know, you might find your new workout partner here.





People will notice that your are making a positive difference to your life. Some will be happy for you others will take it as a chance to knock you down. Don’t let their unhappiness and negative comments effect your hard work.


Just because somebody calls you BORING for not wanting to do what they want or think you should do. Embrace the will power to say NO


Avoid being jealous of others goals and achievements.There is always somebody working harder than you or warming up with your personal best. This should encourage the fuel for your fire to achieve. Ask that person for help or tips, remember they have been

where you are.




Take care of yourself. Don’t jump in the deep end and hurt yourself . Be patience things take time to master. Your body needs time to adjust. The reward is sweeter the longer it takes. Allow time to rest and repair.

Get plenty of sleep your bed is the 3rd place you make fitness gains.


Treat your body like an engine. You wouldn't’t put diesel in a petrol car?

You would check your car is ok before a long trip or a race. Check the tyre air pressure and oil and water levels. Why treat your body badly? Love yourself and the changes your making.





The knowledge of a payoff is great for your mindset. A motivating way reward yourself when you hit milestones or goals. A reward might be a night out with friends or dinner

at your favourite restaurant.


Or possibly a new dress or jeans in a smaller size! Remind yourself sometimes why you

are working so hard for these goals. 






Change things up, make things different. Your body and mind are getting used to you going to the 7 am spin class for the last 3 months.

Do a different class, get uncomfortable to see changes. Humans are creatures of habit.

Try to add variety to your workouts. If your always working out with dumbbells try kettle bells instead?

Stimulate your mind and body by trying new things. This applies greatly to nutrition also. It is great to plan. But are you always eating the same and never seeing a change?


Remember that the road seems long ahead. But going the distance with your goals takes time. Speed past those small goals to reach the large goals ahead.




Life is too short to let any one person stand in your way.


Refuse to be trained average. Rebel Rebel Fitness




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